VV-S - Composite, high performance explosion vents

VV-S - Composite, high performance explosion vents


The VV-S type vent is a composite membrane, high performance explosion vent. VV-S vents are lightweight and specifically designed for dynamic non-fragmenting operation during venting of explosions from industrial equipment.

All applicable requirements of EN 13237, European Standard for Explosion Venting Devices (pending) and NFPA 68, Guide for Venting of Deflagrations, are met with this design. This explosion vent provides excellent service life for vacuum operating pressure, severe process cycling, high operating pressures. 


Features and Benefits

  • Venting efficiency of 100% according to EN 13237
  • Burst pressure, Pstat, is determined by destructive testing as required by the applicable standards
  • No moving parts and maintenance-free
  • 60% operating ratio
  • Can operate up to a level of vacuum suitable for most industrial applications, without restricting the explosion relief area
  • Non-fragmenting
  • ATEX-compliant