Type SRX - Reverse Acting Scored

Type SRX - Reverse Acting Scored


The Fike SRX bursting discs are reverse-acting, compressionloaded,  and scored with an X-pattern to facilitate opening without  knifeblades. The concept of ‘reverse-acting’ means that the disc is  installed with the crown in the direction of the process side. Once  reversal pressure is achieved, the crown of the disc is reversed  from the inlet side of the assembly to the outlet side. The preweakened  scoreline facilitates the full opening of the disc.

Due to the high flow coefficient, the high operating ratio of 95%,  and the backpressure resistance, the SRX bursting discs are  mainly used for relief valve isolation.

The SRX bursting discs are available in a wide range of materials  and can isolate the relief valve from the corrosive action of the  process, so that the valve can be constructed from less expensive  materials.

Features and Benefits

  • Fugitive emission reduction
  • Reduced torque sensitivity
  • Extended service life
  • High operating ratio
  • Non-fragmenting
  • Safety ratio
  • Full-vacuum resistant
  • DiscLoc™ locator
  • Three-dimensional tag