Sani-V-S - Single Element Vent for Hygienic Applications

Sani-V-S - Single Element Vent for Hygienic Applications


Damage to industrial equipment subjected to explosions can be controlled through the use of explosion venting. Explosion venting as a concept introduces a ‘weak element’ in the pressure envelope of the equipment, relieving the internal combustion pressure in case of an explosion.

Fike’s high performance Sani-V-STM explosion vents for Clean in Place / Steam in Place applications are designed:

  • with lightweight construction for simplified handling and minimal risk related to damage during installation;
  • to meet all applicable requirements of European Standard for Explosion Venting Devices (EN 14797) and NFPA 68, Guide for Venting of Deflagrations;
  • to satisfy the specific needs for clean production environments.

Features and Benefits

  • Crevice free design
  • Full aseptic materials of construction
  • Leak proof until burst
  • Minimized risk for accidental contamination
  • No extra mounting frame, saving materials and labour costs
  • Protected sealing element
  • Outstanding operating pressure performance
  • Optimum relief area
  • Compatible with Fike’s FlamQuench flameless venting devices (requires burst indicator)
  • Compliance with European ATEX-Directive


Other Key Values

  • Certified burst pressure
  • No maintenance
  • Highest operating ratio
  • Highest vacuum rating
  • Fail Safe design
  • Non-fragmenting
  • High-mechanical integrity