Type GD, GDV, GDL, GDHT, GDVHT - Impervious Graphite

Type GD, GDV, GDL, GDHT, GDVHT - Impervious Graphite


Fike graphite bursting discs are manufactured from high purity carbon, impregnated with a phenolic resin rendering the graphite virtually impermeable. This results in excellent corrosion resistance to most acids and corrosive media, resistance to temperature and long term stability. These discs install directly between pipe flanges eliminating the need for a holder and have a variety of gasket material and attachment options.

Fike graphite bursting discs are easily customizable to the customer’s exact specifications.

There are different basic series of Fike graphite bursting discs available, each offering specific product features allowing selection of the most suitable type for each individual application.


GD Series
GD discs suit most processing applications, they fit directly between PN10/16/25/40 or ANSI Class 150/300 flanges and are available in diameters from DN 25 (1”) to DN 600 (24”). Burst pressures from 0.02 to 10.34 barg and for temperatures up to 200°C. For GD discs used in vacuum service, a vacuum support will be required if the burst pressure is below 1.38 barg. If vacuum support is needed the type will change to GDV series


GDV Series
GDV discs are typically supplied for applications where vacuum resistance is required, especially when the required burst pressure is below 1.38 barg. The GDV Series are produced for PN10/16/25/40 and ANSI Class 150/300 flanges. The vacuum support grid comes in 4 different configurations and has a reducing effect on the available free flowing area after burst.


GDI Series
GDI discs are designed to fit standard PN10/16/25/40 and ANSI Class 150/300 flanges. Inverted discs have the same temperature characteristics as GD discs but offer higher burst pressure ranges.


GDL Series
GDL discs offer extended corrosion resistance to highly oxidizing agents, halogens and other corrosives, except free fluorine. A sheet of PTFE is used as a chemical barrier on the process side of the disc. GDL series are available for temperatures up to 220°C. In case GDL series are required to withstand  vacuum, the burst pressure will need to exceed 1.5 barg. 


GDT Series
GDT discs have two ratings, one for overpressure and the other for vacuum protection. GDT discs have a temperature range of -179°C to 220°C and are most commonly used on single entry storage vessels or manifold vents.


High temperature rated discs are available in GD, GDV and GDI styles to accommodate specified temperatures up to 350°C. They are furnished as an attached unit as shown because the nameplate rating of the disc must be established at the cold face temperature of the insulation. GDHT, GDVHT, GDIHT discs utilize fibrous silica and alumina which is not suitable with liquid applications, these can be attacked by hydrofluoric and phosphoric acids and concentrated alkalis.


Features and Benefits

  • Low burst pressures available
  • Excellent corrosion resistance (except for free fluorine); additional protection against corrosion offered by fluoropolymer®lining on process side
  • Common sizes and burst pressures available from stock
  • Mounted directly between companion flanges