Type AD, AD-V, AD-V-RI, AD-H, AD-H TC - Flat Composite Discs

Type AD, AD-V, AD-V-RI, AD-H, AD-H TC - Flat Composite Discs


The Fike AD Series Bursting Discs are low-pressure relief devices, specifically designed for overpressure protection of atmospheric vessels and for isolating equipment such as safety relief valves from downstream conditions. The flat composite discs consist of several component parts, which form a single unit. The design principle used to ensure a predictable bursting pressure is a tension failure of a mechanically weakened top section.

Available Types

General Purpose - Model AD

The basic AD Series Bursting Disc will offer controlled burst pressure throughout a wide range of sizes and pressures without the need for using a holder.

Vacuum Service - Model AD-V

The AD-V Series Bursting Disc has the same burst characteristics as the AD, but in addition it provides full vacuum resistance throughout the entire range.

Bursting Indicator - Model AD-V-RI

The bursting of a low-pressure disc will often go unnoticed, especially when it is used for sealing atmospheric vessels. Similarly when low-pressure bursting discs are used to isolate safety valves from downstream conditions it may be difficult to detect that the disc has burst as the relief valve will reseat when pressure returns to normal conditions. In order to solve this problem an AD type disc is available with a built-in bursting indicator.

Hygienic Service - Model AD-H / AD-H TC

For applications where the process requires smooth surfaces, the models AD-H and AD-H TC offer an outstanding solution. AD-HTC is designed for use in industry standard TriClover, ASME BPE, DIN 32676, ISO 2852 and NA-Connect sanitary fittings.


Features and Benefits

  • No special holder required
  • Compact design
  • Torque / installation insensitive
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Standard burst in one direction - optionally burst in two directions
  • AD-H / AD-H TC can be supplied 3A compliant - specify when ordering.