Type Lo-V - Two-way, low burst pressure

Type Lo-V - Two-way, low burst pressure


The Fike Lo-V is a bi-directional bursting disc that is designed to relieve undesired pressure conditions in two different directions. Certain types of  applications, such as storage tanks, need protection from vacuum pressure as well as from potential overpressure. The primary relief can be via the reverse-bulking section, which is typically extremely low vacuum pressure, or the higher pressure-activated, forwardacting section. Depending on how the holder is oriented, the Lo-V can perform the tasks of two different bursting discs!

Negative Pressure Relief
In a typical storage tank application, when there is negative system pressure that is nearing the marked reverse-acting burst pressure of the disc, the buckle section begins to reverse, and the disc seal is contacted by the knife blades located in the holder inlet. This contact causes the seal to be penetrated at the touch point and a triangular pattern is cut to relieve the negative pressure. The buckle section controls the minimum to maximum vacuum relieving pressures. After reversing, the pre-punched holes in the perforated metal top section provide flow through the disc.

Positive Pressure Relief
The perforated metal top features 6 holes at the apex of the disc. These holes control the burst pressure in a forward-acting burst scenario. The bursting disc itself has 6 pre-cut sections that, in relieving positive overpressure, will open in a flower petal arrangement allowing quick relief. The Lo-V is a non-fragmenting bursting disc and will withstand an 85% operating to stamped burst pressure ratio in the positive direction.

Features and Benefits

  • Bi-directional bursting disc: one disc, two jobs!
  • Optional single-direction burst
  • Unique blade design offers superior opening and flow relief – patent pending
  • Sanitary and bolt-type configurations
  • Non-fragmenting
  • 3-A approved by independent auditors
  • Available with integral burst indicator (optional)