FLEX-COVER - Reclosing vent

FLEX-COVER - Reclosing vent


The Fike FLEX-COVER is a high performance vent cover which is bolted onto the primary venting device. It protects the primary vent against the elements and prevents condensation on the process side by means of the insulation mattress on the atmospheric side.

Unlike traditional venting, the FLEX-COVER returns to its original closed position at the end of the venting process. It thereby re-covers approximately 90% of the vent relief area which reduces the ingress of fresh air (oxygen). As a result of this re-closure of the vent opening, the actual venting process is shortened and the risk of secondary explosions within the vessel is significantly reduced. In addition, the re-closure will allow efficient post-explosion fire-fighting as the agents or watermist / vapour will now be injected into a re-confined space.

The FLEX-COVER can also open inward and as such protects the vessel against collapse due to post-explosion vacuum.


Features and Benefits

  • Re-covers approximately 90% of the vent relief area
  • No additional holddown for the vent panel underneath is required
  • Patented unique design
  • Standard use of insulation reduces condensation, acoustic emission levels and avoids energy losses
  • Non-fragmenting opening
  • Maintenance free
  • Optional burst indicator available