CV, CV-CF, CV-S - rectangular

CV, CV-CF, CV-S - rectangular


Fike explosion vents are high performance protection devices especially designed to provide dynamic nonfragmenting opening when protecting industrial
processing equipment.

Fike explosion vents are available in following distinctive types, each offering ideal solutions for specific applications or industries:

  • CV: for use in most industrial applications where the operating pressures (both positive and negative) are near to atmospheric.
  • CV-CF: for use in applications where the explosion vent is exposed to severe pulsatic duty such as they exist with for example reverse jet cleaning systems on dust collectors, etc.
  • CV-S: designed for use in applications where the operating pressure approaches the burst pressure range, or where high vacuum pressure may exist.


Features and Benefits

  • Certified Venting Efficiency
  • Non-Fragmenting Opening
  • Maintenance Free
  • Fully Compliant with ATEX / EN 14797 / NFPA 68