WarnEx - smouldering detection system



Smouldering is one of the most common ignition sources of fires and dust explosions in industrial processes. Unfortunately it is also one of the most difficult to prevent by controlling process conditions or by making modifications to the equipment. The Fike WarnEx™ system will detect and signal smouldering at an early stage before damage to the process equipment has occurred. The alarm signals can be used to trigger safety systems, such as operator intervention, process shutdown or water injection.
The WarnEx™ system typically consists of multiple ‘Sampling and Detection Units’ (SDU’s) placed on each air inlet and outlet. CO gas, created by smouldering, will be detected by the WarnEx™ SDU placed on the main air outlet of the process. In order to filter out nuisance CO entering the system from the outside, additional SDU’s are placed on each air inlet. The WarnEx™ Control Unit processes the signals from the SDU’s and alerts the process operators and safety systems in case smouldering material is present.

Features and benefits
Stable and reliable system

  • Proven in use CO sensor technology
  • Self monitoring sensor technology designed for industrial applications
  • Stray CO nuisance elimination
  • SIL2 certified

Lost cost of ownership

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Simple system, few components
  • Easy to extend

Fast response times

  • Multiple sensors
  • Short sampling lines

Process and safety management

  • Integrates with automatic fire suppression system
  • Event analysis through datalogging and