Explosion suppression

During the processing, transport and storage of industrial combustible dusts, at first glance harmless, an explosion can occur. Destructive effects of these processes simply represent a heavy economic damages to industrial facilities, but also - and we must think in particular - can easily cause danger to human health and life. It is necessary to mention coal dust, dust arising from the production of flour, sugar, cellulose, but also another dusts in the woodworking industry, in animal feed production, pharmaceuticals and food industry and more. Especially dangerous are the metal dusts such as aluminum, or magnesium.

Explosive characteristics of dusts can be determined during specific tests and based on these results, effective strategy can be designed against the explosion and its effests.

Each industrial technolgy, where the risk of explosion is present, must be protected with special equipment, which is itself explosion-proof and during its construction it was calculated with possible explosions. We can say, that this equipment is explosion proof, so its pressure and burst. During explosion there is no destruction of this equipment.

In case, that it is not possible to exclude explosion or it is very hard to make it technically, it is necessary to use effective passive prevention - by use of explosion protection and fire protection devices designed for the technology always based on technical proposal of expert company.


HRD (high rate discharge)

Company Fike uses HRD as an explosion suppression system.

Main parts:

  • EPACO control cabinet
  • HRD container with suppressant powder
  • detector set (pressure, optical, ...).

Upon receipt of an activation signal from the Fike EPACO™ explosion protection system, the high rate discharge (HRD) container discharges explosion suppressant powder into the protected volume. The powder chemically extinguishes the combustion reaction preventing pressure increase beyond a predetermined limit.

Features & benefits:

  • Extremely fast response time
  • Very low system maintenance costs
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Easy servicing
  • Wide selection of HRD containers for protection of large and small volumes
  • Wide variety of system components and extinguishing agents


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