Explosion protection document

The obligation of the operator of the technologies where are flammable dusts, gases and vapours present is elaboration of Explosion protection document according to Directive 99/92/EC (ATEX 137).

Industries with risk of explosion:

  • pneumatic or mechanical conveying of the bulk solids (flour, cocoa, sugar, malt, coal and wood dust).
  • powder coating booths
  • dedusting and filtration units
  • bulk solids storages (silos)
  • driers
  • wheat mills, coal mills, ...
  • chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • other


Elaboration of Explosion protection document according to ATEX 137:

  • ignition sources identification
  • assessment of probability of presence of explosive atmospheres and its duration
  • assessment of probability of presence of ignition sources
  • assessment of work equipment, including installation, materials, technological processes, workflows
  • determination of the scope of the likely effects of an explosion.
  • proposal of organisational and technical measures
  • technical proposal of the explosion protection systems
  • proposal of the coordination of the works in areas with risk of explosion
  • protocol of determination of externalities
  • check of the project documentation and zonings
  • technical assistance for the conformity assessment and selection of products intended for use in the explosion hazard.


Non-binding guide to good practice for implementing the European Parliament and Council Directive 1999/92/EC on minimum requirements for improving the safety and health protection of workers potentially at risk from explosive atmospheres - download HERE: