Explosion protection

No business can afford an explosion. Our partner Fike has a team of experienced engineers, application specialists and combustion researchers that work to understand your critical plant operations. We back that up with a variety of products and services to help you prevent explosions, protect property and save lives.

With over 60 years experience manufacturing safety solutions, our partner Fike offers a complete line of proven, reliable products to customers across numerous industries and around the world.

Company Fike is an unique and qualified producer of solutions of explosion protection systems:

  1. Bucket elevator protected with venting systems - ELEGUARD
  2. Wheat silos protected by Fike venting systems.
  3. Fike explosion suppression system used on drier
  4. Cyclone is protected by Fike explosion venting systems
  5. Fike uses FAV (Fast acting valve) or SRD to stop the propagation of the explosion in the pipelines
  6. Fike FlamQuench II is protecting dedusting units placed inside of the buildings without long explosion channels


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